A Miami Bonnie without a Clyde

Oh, the “Republican bad girl” on the lam.

Now, there’s a riveting character — Ana Sol Alliegro, 42, wanted for questioning by the FBI — who could rev up the ratings of The Real Housewives of Miami.

She’s a Bonnie without her Clyde, a political operative with a penchant for dating and marrying older men with impressive jobs. Only they end up running for their lives, including former Miami Mayor Joe Carrollo, who begged for a divorce after 83 days.

Now the feds investigating Justin Lamar Sternad’s campaign finances want to talk to Alliegro, but she didn’t show up for her Sept. 6 date.

The FBI and federal prosecutors believe Alliegro was the go-between linking David Rivera, the Republican congressman running for reelection, and Sternad, a part-time hotel clerk whose campaign Rivera allegedly funded with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Sternad lost the Democratic primary to Rivera rival Joe Garcia, who has come close but failed in previous runs. They will face off again Nov. 6, this time in a newly drawn Kendall-to-Key West district.

Alliegro has been a part of Rivera’s team for years.

“Politics is rough play, and I like it,” Alliegro tweeted last October. Definitely reality TV material — and that’s only the political side. She comes with a rap sheet, distinguished Twitter followers and whimsical Tumblr posts.

Once arrested for shoplifting $29.99 sandals from Ross, a charge later dropped, she tried in 2007 to shoot her architect ex-husband, Moshe Cosicher, after he refused to remarry her.

No screenwriter could come up with a livelier scene than this Herald account of police and prosecution reports of that altercation:

“She then sat naked at a desk with her leg up and compared the gun to a male sexual organ.

“ ‘If you think your [expletive] is powerful (showing the gun), this is mine,’ Alliegro told Cosicher . . .

“She fired a round into the ceiling. ‘You see. It’s loaded — this is business,’ Alliegro allegedly said.”

He tried to leave.

“She shot at me when I approached the front door (she missed my head by inches),” Cosicher wrote in a police statement.

She might be a bad shot, but she knows her Twitter audience. She retweets Paul Ryan and Ann Romney, calls journalists covering the Rivera-Garcia race “pinko commies,” and proclaims “Viva Romney 2012!”

On another account, same profile picture, she gives love advice: “Girl’s [sic] I promise . . . it is a myth. Frogs do not turn into a Prince if you kiss them . . . A Frog is a frog. . . . And a Prince. Is just that. . . .”


And Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff of President George W. Bush, is a follower.

Her photo gallery is equally impressive, a who’s-who of political and civic Miami.

Better yet is a Facebook page Alliegro designated as the home for “Republicans for Family Values.” Only now, it’s now more sordid than salon.

A man who claimed to have been her lover posted not-so-gentlemanly things about her, and an Army wife responded by offering to have her husband, who is overseas, “kick your a--.”

Are they not fertile characters for the land of the Housewives and Honey Boo Boo?

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