Kimchi the dog is blind. Fortunately, his best friend is a seeing-eye-dog named Ginger

This blind dog has a seeing-eye dog — and her name is Ginger.

Five years ago, a couple in the Philippines took their Labrador Ginger to find her a friend, according to a Facebook post. Ginger didn’t like the dog they originally wanted at the shelter, and growled and bared her teeth to show it.

But then something unusual happened.

“Having just about given up, we were leaving the foster (dog) when, from about 10 meters away, a short fat brown dog made his way toward us, stood up, put his paws on me, and made like he wanted to be petted or carried. I then took him to Ginger who unexpectedly, didn’t show any aggression whatsoever,” the dogs’ owners wrote on Facebook.

Later, they realized Kimchi, as she became known, had been abandoned, and suffered from blindness as well as other health issues, according to the post. The 10- to 12-year-old pup had been found alone in the streets after a typhoon in 2012, according to the Manila Standard.

Ginger’s owners applied to adopt Kimchi and, ever since, the two dogs have only grown closer and closer, according to the shelter. Kimchi’s adopters even began volunteering for the shelter they found him in.

“ ... (Kimchi is) the sweetest, most loving dog- definite proof that you don’t need to raise a dog from a pup to get his loyalty, affection, and love,” the shelter Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) wrote in 2015.

“Because Kimchi has been completely blind since 2015, Ginger has been his seeing-eye dog, and this she did without any formal training. Kimchi doesn’t mind being led around, for the most part anyway. They are always paired when we go out, a guide dog, for a blind dog!,” the owners wrote on Facebook.

Over the years, the two pals have even earned themselves a new title from the shelter, according to When In Manila: “CARA AmbassaDOGS.” The pets appear at schools or community events to promote responsible pet ownership, according to the site.

A video of the two dogs was shared online by Newsflare, where it brought the duo international attention and warmed hearts across the web. It shows Ginger leading Kimchi gently down a flight of stairs.

Some people wrote that they were concerned about Kimchi being tethered so closely with Ginger, but the owners wrote that Kimchi didn’t mind.

“Ginger and Kimchi adore each other. At home, they aren’t tied to each other, Kimchi knows the general layout of our humble home, the location of the front door, stairs, water bowls, and his favorite armchair,” they wrote. “ ... We believe the stars aligned the day Ginger and Kimchi met at the shelter. It was fate that brought them together.”