Pippa the dog was famous for chasing a crocodile. That didn't work out this time

A terrier's luck ran out after she was eaten by the gator she had harassed for years on Goat Island in Australia.
A terrier's luck ran out after she was eaten by the gator she had harassed for years on Goat Island in Australia. Australian Broadcasting Co Broadcast/Screenshot

For years, Pippa the fearless dog would bark at, chase and otherwise harass Casey the saltwater crocodile at the remote Goat Island Lodge in Australia. The tiny dog, running straight toward death over and over again, always wound up scaring it into the water instead.

Not this time.

“It was something that had a high probability of happening sometime,” Pippa's owner, Kai Hansen, said, according to the Independent, after the dog was finally eaten by the croc while horrified onlookers screamed and a camera captured the whole thing.

Graphic video shows the dog running straight at Casey and barking as the croc lies in the sun next to Australia's Adelaide River. The energetic pup runs at Casey's tail, then back at her head, when suddenly the crocodile lunges and snaps her up in her jaws.

The dog squeals, and onlookers scream and shout, "No! No!" as Casey spins around and disappears into the water. The video was posted on Facebook by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

Hansen came to the remote island and started the Goat Island Lodge to escape the frenzied life in the city, the ABC reported. When the station interviewed him in 2017, he called the island his "kingdom" and told the station Casey was his "pet." He showed the news outlet how Pippa would chase Casey into the water.

But this time, it seems Casey was finally fed up.

“Normally Pippa would race down, go for the tail and the croc would just go into the river. She’s done it for nine years," Hansen told NT News. "That day she had already chased her back down into the water once."

Even though he's sad about her death, Hansen told Yahoo 7 he doesn't blame Casey.

"I have no hate in any way, shape or form, for the crocodile. I still love her and will continue to feed her, as much as anything. You have to love and respect crocs – they know how to survive," he told the site.

At the end of it all, Casey was just "doing what crocs do," he told the ABC. "A little terrier should not do things like that. But should I stop her? I don't know, she got away with it for 10 years."

He told the ABC he would get another dog, but would make sure this one stayed away from any giant toothy reptiles.

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