The first trucks with humanitarian aid have arrived in Venezuela

The first load of humanitarian aid from the Brazilian government has arrived in Venezuela from Pacaraima.

The crossing has been closed on orders from Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro and the aid will now wait in Brazilian territory.

The shipments of food and medicine waited in Brazilian territory before being allowed to cross the border.

“It is very exciting to see people anxious to recover their freedom and have a decent life,” Brazil’s Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said.

Meanwhile, Interim Venezuela President Juan Guaidó has sent off a humanitarian aid convoy of trucks from Colombia toward the border of Venezuela at a pivotal moment in a showdown with Maduro.

Guaidó on Saturday spoke from the border town of Cucúta, Colombia where U.S. aid has been stored.

Guaidó says that he’s standing among tons of supplies, but Maduro’s government favors blocking it from entering peacefully into Venezuela, where it could save lives.

Maduro has closed the country’s borders and National Guard soldiers have clashed with protesters.

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