Past Miami Herald Pulitzer prizes

2007: Local Reporting, Debbie Cenziper. For reports on waste, favoritism and lack of oversight at the Miami housing agency that resulted in dismissals, investigations and prosecutions.

2004: Commentary, Leonard Pitts Jr. For his fresh, vibrant columns that spoke, with both passion and compassion, to ordinary people on often divisive issues.

2001: Breaking news reporting, staff. For balanced and gripping on-the-scene coverage of the pre-dawn raid by federal agents that took the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives and reunited him with his Cuban father.

1999: Investigative reporting, staff. For detailed reporting that revealed pervasive voter fraud in a city mayoral election, that was subsequently overturned.

1996: Editorial cartooning, Jim Morin. For a distinguished cartoon or portfolio of cartoons published during the year, characterized by originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing and pictorial effect.

1993: Meritorious public service, staff. For coverage that not only helped readers cope with Hurricane Andrew's devastation but also showed how lax zoning, inspection and building codes had contributed to the destruction.

1993: Commentary, Liz Balmaseda. For her commentary from Haiti about deteriorating political and social conditions and her columns about Cuban-Americans in Miami.

1991: Local spot news, staff. For stories profiling a local cult leader, his followers, and their links to several area murders.

1988: Commentary, Dave Barry. For his consistently effective use of humor as a device for presenting fresh insights into serious concerns.

1988: Feature photography, Michel duCille. For photographs portraying the decay and subsequent rehabilitation of a housing project overrun by the drug crack.

1987: National reporting, staff. For exclusive reporting and persistent coverage of the U.S.-Iran-Contra connection.

1986: Spot news photography, Michel duCille and Carol Guzy. For their photographs of the devastation caused by the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia.

1986: General reporting, Edna Buchanan. For her versatile and consistently excellent police beat reporting.

1983: Editorial writing, the editorial board. For its campaign against the detention of illegal Haitian immigrants by fefderal officials.

1981: International reporting, Shirley Christian. For her dispatches from Central America.

1980: Feature writing, Madeleine Blais. For "Zepp's Last Stand."

1976: General reporting, Gene Miller. For his persistent and courageous reporting over eight and one-half years that led to the exoneration and release of two men who had twice been tried for murder and wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in Florida.

1967: Special reporting, Gene Miller. For investigative reporting that helped to free two persons wrongfully convicted of murder.

1951: Meritorious public service, staff. For crime reporting during the year.

--From www.pulitzer.org