Pool owners in Viñales rebel against bureaucracy

The pool at Casa Nenita in Viñales, Cuba.
The pool at Casa Nenita in Viñales, Cuba. 14ymedio

The tables are ready, the glasses shine on the tablecloths and the bar displays a wide variety of drinks. However, the restaurant is closed.

Just a few months ago, the spacious dining room of Casa Nenita, in Viñales, was packed with tourists, but the building of a pool by the owner resulted in the government cancellation of a license to rent rooms and sell food.

It is a quiet fight, barely noticed by visitors, spreading across Viñales’ rolling hills, caves and tobacco fields. For the past five years, tourism has flourished in the region, and the cuentapropistas (self-employed) who rent rooms took a step further at providing comforts to by building their own pools.

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