Exotic, invasive catfish overtake sewers in Cienfuegos, Cuba

File photo of a claria.
File photo of a claria. Trabajadores

Mr. F. used to get lost under the city streets.

Using a flashlight under the cover of darkness, he placed a ladder into the sewers and another city was revealed. He tied the light to a step and tried not to make too much noise. The water was up to his ankles. He could not see beyond 10 feet, but that was enough. He started to throw food around and after a while the animals arrived. That's what he was there for: to hunt clarias living under the Dorticós Avenue in Cienfuegos.

Mr. F. was getting good fishing, but after police caught him, the practice stopped on that avenue for a while. Until others started doing the same thing.

“They went down the sewage to install a draining,” the neighbors say. “That's when they saw them.”

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