Washington discreetly supports deportations of Cuban migrants

Cuban migrants at a shelter in Turbo, Colombia.
Cuban migrants at a shelter in Turbo, Colombia. Courtesy

The recent increase in undocumented Cuban emigration — 44,353 reached the United States in the past eight months alone — is complicating the Obama Administration's drive to normalize relations with Havana and cut the migrant flow through Central America.

Trying to halt the massive and almost permanent flow of Cubans treking north toward the Mexico-U.S. border, Washington appears to be promoting the same policy it follows at home — large-scale deportations of undocumented migrants.

The Cuban migration crisis exploded late last year when Costa Rica cracked down on a people smuggling network, unleashing a chain reaction that saw Nicaragua and then Panama close their southern borders to undocumented Cubans. From the start, the U.S. government has referred to the Cubans as “undocumented immigrants” and urged governments in the region to tighten their migration controls as part of the fight against people smuggling.

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