One Cuban urban farm won’t sacrifice the environment for tourists

Fields of fresh oregano, mint, and garlic surround plant engineer Norma Romero Castillo as she speaks about the farming methods at Organopónico Vivero Alamar — an urban farm located in the heart of the Havana suburb Alamar. Behind her are bulls, getting prepared to carry a load of recently harvested crops. There is no buzzing of machines or rumbling of tractors —only the sound of the breeze and bulls clumping down the red dirt road.

“I’m not afraid of mud, I’m not afraid of rain,” said Romero Castillo. “I am trained to face everything.”

An hour west of Vivero Alamar sits the quaint eco-village of Las Terrazas in the Sierra del Rosario Mountains. Most of its inhabitants have been here their whole lives as the only way into Las Terrazas is through marriage. But now, Las Terrazas is experiencing some new traffic in the area: Tourists.

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