Dissident arrested in front of his children

HAVANA, Cuba, August 6 (Odelín Alfonso Torna , -Dissident Carlos Ojeda, a member of the November 30 party, was arrested early Wednesday by two plainclothed agents who took him away in a jeep from the National Revolutionary Police.

“They tried to forcibly take away his cell phone in front of his children,” said his wife, Liset Gutierrez

She assumed that the detention was to prevent her husband to participate in a protest held every August 5 on the Malecón since 1994.

Last Saturday Ojeda inaugurated the Agustín Acosta Bello independent library..

Problems affect Chinese buses

HAVANA, Cuba, Augustr 6 (Carlos Ríos Otero, –Four years after the state-owned Ómnibus Nacionales put into service 1,000 Chinese Yutong buses, 287 are out of service, according to sources familiar witch the operation.

The sources predicted that within a year’s time 60 percent of the buses will be inoperative.

They said that problems with the rear axle, collisions and broken windshield wipers were the main reasons they have been taken out of service. Theys aid others have been sabotaged.

A recent accident in Plan Cítrico de Girón resulted in 36 deaths.

Opposition leader wants to contest elections

HAVANA, Cuba, August 6 (Roberto de Jesús Guerra, Hablemos Press / - Silvio Benítez, president of the dissident Liberal Party of the Republic of Cuba, says he wants to run candidates in elections planned for next year.

“We’re prepared because the party has possibilities with various candidates, not only in the municipality of Lisa but also in the provinces of Havana and Pinar del Rio, where we can count on outstanding candidates who could win,” Benítez said.

The government only recognizes parties which are communist.

Dissidents detained by police

HAVANA, Cuba, August 6 (Ana Aguililla, - Dagoberto Vergel Souto, president of the dissident November 30 Party, and Dagoberto Vergel Souto, president of the Mario Chanes De Armas Movement, were arrested by police Wednesday.

As well, Gilber Sierra Pérez and seven other activists were stopped by police and threatened when they arrived at the home of Humberto Guerra, president of the Freedom without Fear Movement.

It was believed police action was related to an annual August 5 protest on the Malecón.