Conga Line Follows Funeral of Dance Troupe Founder

Conga Line Follows Funeral of Dance Troupe Founder

Aini Martín

Havana, Cuba. March 30 (CubaNet) – You could say Alberto Mir came home to die, and the dance troupe he founded and represented for years gave him a suitable send off, playing and dancing behind his funeral procession all the way to the cemetery.Mir, the founder of the “comparsa” Los Guaracheros de Regla, had lately been living in Mexico, where he acted as the troupe's agent. He arrived in Havana March 25, and died the next day after suffering a respiratory arrest.A comparsa is a group of musicians and dancers who come together, primarily at carnival time, to perform as a marching troupe in the streets, the sort of thing one associates with Carnival in Rio, or for that matter, in Havana.By Mir's wish, his comparsa, costumes and all, led the townspeople of Regla, the town across the bay from Havana proper, in his funeral parade.

Several Families Evicted in Urban Renewal Drive

José Ramón Pupo Nieves

Holguín, Cuba. March 30. (CubaNet) – Several families were evicted from their makeshift houses in the eastern Cuban city of Holguín in an apparent attempt to erradicate a whole community of about 80 such lodgings erected catch-as-catch-can with mostly found materials.A small task force consisting of police, ambulances from the public health department and municipal services trucks went to work early on March 25 behind the cigarrette factory that lies between Villa Nueva and La Aduana in the outskirts of the city.They quickly established a routine, evicting the settlers, removing their meager belongings, and quickly dismantling the structures the residents had precariously put together with cardboard, wood, plastic and any other materials they had been able to scavenge and recycle.And they were doing well, having gone through eight houses in short order, until they came to Felix's.Because Felix had been either luckier or more enterprising than his neighbors, and had build his shack mostly out of brick.Felix later complained his family's belongings had been taken to a warehouse some 20 kilometers away, and left there with no security whatsoever.