Judge apologizes for telling woman in love triangle to send her nude photos to Playboy

A Superior Court judge in New Jersey has apologized following comments he made during family court proceedings, court documents say.

Judge Alberto Rivas was presiding over a case in family court in which a woman alleged that the wife of her ex-boyfriend had been mailed several nude photos of her and feared the wife might forward them to the woman’s workplace, a complaint says.

The woman was in court seeking to have the photos returned, documents say.

An answer to the complaint says Rivas — who initially thought the case may have been an instance of blackmail or “revenge porn” — concluded that the woman may have sent the photos to the wife, herself, in an attempt to embarrass the wife in court.

The woman denied knowing where the wife worked, claiming that her ex-lover had never told her, something Rivas said he didn’t believe, the documents say.

“Baloney. That’s not true,” Rivas said, according to the complaint, stating that if she’d been intimate with the husband, it was unbelievable he wouldn’t have told her where his wife works.

Rivas called the situation “malarkey,” ultimately asking the wife why she was still with her husband, according to the complaint. He suggested that she divorce him and “take half his pension,” before telling the other woman: “The only person you should be sending naked pictures to [is] Hugh Hefner. He will pay you $100,000 for the use of them,” according to the complaint.

The late Hugh Hefner was the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine.

Rivas, who’s been charged with breaking judicial code of conduct on two counts, has since apologized for his remarks, stating: “I regret the comments I made during the proceeding. I felt the court was being manipulated, but I let my feelings about the case influence my language, tone and demeanor, all of which were inappropriate.”

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