Toddler plunges six stories from open window onto parked car near Seattle, cops say

A dent on the roof of Edward Lu’s blue Mazda is proof that a seemingly inconsequential decision can be lifesaving.

Lu says he chose to bike to work at Microsoft on Wednesday, leaving his vehicle parked in front of his Redmond, Washington, apartment building, KIRO reported.

His decision wound up saving a 20-month-old boy who fell from an open window, plunging six stories and landing on the roof of Lu’s car, KOMO reported.

“It’s about 60 to 70 feet; if the car hadn’t been there this would’ve been a completely different story,” said James Perry, a Redmond Police Department spokesman, KCPQ reported.

Police said the boy’s mother had left him on a mat for an afternoon nap with the window open for air, then momentarily left the room, The Redmond Register reported.

“The 4-year-old sister discovered her brother was no longer in the room and came out screaming to the mom that something bad had happened,” Perry said, KCPQ reported.

The mother and girl looked out the window, where a screen had been dislodged, and spotted the 20-month-old on the roof of Lu’s car six stories down, The Redmond Register reported.

“The maintenance guy for the building came by and said, ‘hey you need to come down with me, there’s an accident,’ ” Lu said, KOMO reported. “That’s when I found out the kid had fallen on my car.”

Perry said the child landed in such a way that the car’s roof absorbed most of the impact, KIRO reported. He was “awake and crying when paramedics arrived” to the 4:40 p.m. call, Perry said.

“That’s a big dent, I couldn’t believe it,” Lu said, KOMO reported.

Lu said “we’re all lucky” he decided to bicycle to work instead of driving, adding that he doesn’t normally believe in miracles, KCPQ reported.

“But this time, I don’t know how else to term it,” Lu said, according to the outlet.

The boy was hospitalized in stable condition, The Redmond Register reported. Police warned parents to be wary of open windows around small children.

“When a small child is in a room with an open window it doesn’t matter what floor you’re on, it doesn’t matter the season of the year,” Perry said, KOMO reported. “Bad things can happen if a child has access to an open window.”

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