Subway groper screamed ‘I’m sorry!’ as woman chased and smacked him, cops say

What disturbed Chantal Castanon the most was how casual the man was about groping her, NBC 4 reported.

“He did it with such a firm grip that I still felt him -- and he was all the way over there already,” she said, according to the station. “Like this was normal for him.”

Police say it was an August afternoon in Grand Central Station in New York City when the man grabbed the 26-year-old woman’s butt, according to a news release.

Within seconds, Castanon’s shock at the violation transformed into an anger she couldn’t ignore - and she bolted after the man through the Manhattan subway station, New York Police said.

“I felt the rage coming from my stomach, I was like what did he just do to me? Did he really just touch me like that and he didn’t even care, just walked off like it was nothing,” Castanon said, according to CBS New York.

She wasn’t having it.

Video captures her chasing the man through the station, weaving between startled onlookers and pummeling the man with her first over and over again as he cowers and runs.

Police said the man kept shouting “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” as Castanon wailed at him, according to the New York Post.

She chased him all the way to the gates of the station before she watched him run outside. She lost sight of him as he exited onto 42nd Street, according to police.

Other riders tried to help during the chase, and went with Castanon to file a police report, according to NBC 4.

“We don’t want to have another generation of young women growing up, fearing walking the streets by themselves,” Castanon said, according to the station.

Now police are looking for the man, who they described as a 5-foot 8-inch Hispanic male, 20 to 30 years old and weighing around 225 pounds. Anyone with information can call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

“Anybody would react that way. It didn’t surprise me — I mean, you gotta defend yourself. That’s like a predator,” Castanon’s boyfriend said, according to the New York Post.

“I was just like you know what? You’re not touching me like that and getting away with it,” Castanon said, according to CBS New York. “I just want him caught because you don’t know who he did it to or who he’ll potentially do it to and it has to be stopped.”

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