Pregnant woman fights off her rapist — then jumps from 3rd floor to escape, Tenn. cops say

The pregnant woman’s rapist didn’t strike right away.

Instead, the man waited in the breezeway of her apartment complex in Nashville, Tennessee, as she returned home on Wednesday, according to police. He arrived at the complex 25 minutes before his victim did.

Not feeling well, the 30-year-old woman went up to her apartment just after 4 p.m. and laid down in her bedroom, police said in a press release Thursday. Noises soon caught the woman’s attention, but she ignored them, assuming the sounds were just coming from outside, according to police.

That’s when the man from the breezeway appeared in her bedroom, armed with a knife he’d taken from the woman’s kitchen, police said.

The burglar, who was a stranger to the pregnant woman, warned her not to run and demanded that she give him money. Then the man stole from her purse and raped her, police said.

But the woman fought back — hitting her rapist in the head with a bottle, which successfully drove him from the bedroom, according to police.

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Then the woman grabbed the kitchen knife the rapist had abandoned, cut through the screen in her third-floor bedroom window, and leaped out of it, police said.

Meanwhile, the man left the woman’s apartment and headed for her car — a green Camry with Tennessee license number LP4141 — which he used to drive away from the complex, according to police. Police are now on the lookout for that car and a black 2013 Dodge Avenger (Mississippi license number LHY-745) which the suspect is thought to have arrived at the apartment complex in.

2013 Dodge Avenger Mississippi Plate LHY745.jpg
Nashville police released a photo of the vehicle the burglar and rapist is thought to have arrived at the crime scene in. Nashville police

Authorities arrived at the scene around 5 p.m. after the woman got help from a neighbor, who then called police.

The woman is still in the hospital Thursday, having suffered “serious injuries” during the fall from the window as she fled her attacker, according to police.

Police described the rapist, who remains at large, as a black man in his early 20s or late teens. The man was around 6-feet tall and was thin but muscular. He was clean-shaven, and was wearing dark jeans, black and white shoes and a purple T-shirt, the woman told police.

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