‘Everybody makes mistakes:’ Suspect in D.C. road rage video is mentally ill, uncle says

Road rage attack on Greyhound driver caught on shocking video, DC police say

Washington, DC, police have identified a suspect caught on video hitting a Greyhound bus with a car jack and a bat, and then driving her Audi into the driver, police said.
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Washington, DC, police have identified a suspect caught on video hitting a Greyhound bus with a car jack and a bat, and then driving her Audi into the driver, police said.

A driver accused of plowing into a Greyhound bus driver and smashing the bus’s windows in D.C. last week is a “danger” to the community and will stay in jail, a judge said Tuesday.

Witnesses captured nearly all of the Thursday road rage attack in a chaotic, 2-minute video, which D.C. police shared with the public on Friday. The footage was viewed widely across Facebook and Twitter.

Mariana Silver, the 20-year-old suspect who was arrested last week, cried in a D.C. court on Tuesday as the judge played the video — and as her defense lawyer tried and failed to get Silver moved from jail to a behavioral health facility, the Washington Post reports.

Silver faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, police said.

Her defense lawyer contended that an “adverse” reaction Silver experienced to a mental illness medication sparked the attack, according to the Post.

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Relatives of Silver spoke out about the suspect’s mental health as well, saying she has schizophrenia and was not taking medication for the illness when the road rage incident unfolded last week, WUSA reports.

“I pray that everybody will understand she’s a young girl,” said Seth Silver, an uncle, NBC Washington reports. “Everybody makes mistakes.”

Still, the uncle acknowledged that the video was shocking.

The video caught the young woman leaving her Audi and using a car jack to smash the windows of a Greyhound bus. Then the woman repeatedly drove into the bus’s driver, who was standing in front of her car trying to call 911, according to a police report.

“When I saw it, I was like, ‘Can anybody see that this is not a normal crime?’ ” Silver said, according to WUSA.

Seth Silver said his niece needs “pills,” not time behind bars, WUSA reports.

Another uncle, Steven Silver, agreed — saying the judge treated his niece “like a criminal, instead of a woman who has been battling with mental illness,” according to the Post.

He also said that time in jail will only make matters worse, WUSA reports.

“She won’t have the proper medication. She’ll be sleepy all the time,” Steven Silver said, according to WUSA. “This is not the way we solve the problem of mental health issues in our community.”

The incident began around 6 p.m. on Thursday, after the bus driver admonished the Audi driver for driving aggressively, the police report said.

“You’re a crazy driver, you need to get off the road,” the bus driver said, according to police.

That’s when the woman got out of her Audi, pulled a bat from her trunk and started striking the bus, according to police. She later got a car jack from her trunk and used that to attack instead, video shows.

Bystanders tried to intervene, but with little success, video shows.

“Leave him alone,” one witness told the woman to no avail.

Witnesses also tried to get the bus driver to move from the front of the woman’s car so she wouldn’t hit him. But he wouldn’t listen, either — and eventually the woman began driving off with the bus driver splayed on the hood of her Audi, until he tumbled off the vehicle in the middle of an intersection, video shows.

Witnesses asked the bus driver why he didn’t get out of harm’s way.

“She was gonna get away with it,” he said in the video.

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