Man soaked in wet paint wrestles Pennsylvania cops after wild pickup wreck, photos show

Photos show how paint rubbed off the suspect and onto police as they tried to handcuff him Monday morning.
Photos show how paint rubbed off the suspect and onto police as they tried to handcuff him Monday morning. Lancaster police

A chaotic pickup crash splashed buckets of wet paint all over a driver, the roadway and other vehicles in Pennsylvania on Monday morning.

It also made for a slippery wrestling match between police and a suspect, authorities said.

The suspect had been driving a stolen pickup truck through Lancaster around 10 a.m. when he sped past a cone and flagger that were cordoning off a flatbed trailer.

But the man was driving so quickly he couldn’t change from the left to the right lane in time to avoid the restricted area — sending his car careening up the flatbed trailer’s ramp, and then crashing off it, police said in a news release Monday.

After landing right side up, the stolen pickup hit two vehicles that were parked on the roadway. Next it tipped onto the driver’s side, then spun a full 180 degrees before crashing into yet another car, police said. Paint and detritus, which were sent flying in the crash, damaged other vehicles as well.

The man was taken to a local hospital after the crash, police said. Lancaster police

The stolen pickup was the only vehicle with a person inside during the incident, police said.

When officers got to the scene, they found the stolen truck lying on its side. Paint drenched the inside of the vehicle and was splattered onto the road, photos show.

It wasn’t hard to spot the driver: He was soaked in wet white paint on nearly every inch of his body, video posted by WHTM shows. Police have not identified the suspect, but described him as “erratic” and agitated.

Police said five or six buckets of paint — each five gallons — had been in the bed of the pickup, LancasterOnline reports.

Right after the crash, witnesses helped pull the paint-drenched man from the pickup. He left the scene, but walked back as police responded, police said. Witnesses pointed him out to authorities.

The driver began shoving police when they tried to prevent him from walking in case he was injured, video shows. That’s when officers wrestled the suspect to the ground and handcuffed him, according to police.

Then the suspect got loose from one of the handcuffs and tried to run away, police said. Officers re-handcuffed him and brought him to a nearby hospital. Police said details on his condition aren’t known.

The truck had been stolen earlier in the morning from New Castle County in Delaware, police learned.

The flatbed trailer the man flew off in the stolen pickup had just been used to deliver an excavator to the location, police said. The trailer and cones surrounding the area blocked off the street’s left lane.

Police said investigation into the crash continues, and that charges haven’t been filed.

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