Heroin users get busted and one attacks, leaving cop jabbed with used needle, Mass. cops say

Yarmouth, Massachusetts, cops arrested six after finding a house of heroin users. Euclides Matias, 31 — pictured here — attacked a cop, leaving him jabbed with a used needle, police said.
Yarmouth, Massachusetts, cops arrested six after finding a house of heroin users. Euclides Matias, 31 — pictured here — attacked a cop, leaving him jabbed with a used needle, police said. Yarmouth police

A small bag of heroin led to a big drug bust in a Massachusetts on Wednesday — and to an attack that stuck a deputy with a used and potentially infectious needle, police said.

Police in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, pulled over a Chevrolet Blazer around 4 p.m. and spotted a small bag of heroin in the SUV, according to a Facebook post from police.

Officers soon figured out during the stop that there was a wanted person in a home not far away, so they headed to the house and arrested Michael Geggatt, 28, on warrants for shoplifting and driving with a suspended license, police said.

Inside the home itself, authorities found even more crimes — and even more criminals, according to police.

Michael A. Geggatt, 28 Yarmouth police

Drug paraphernalia (metal caps to cook heroin, hypodermic needles and cotton swabs) were visible everywhere, authorities said.

Michael Santos, 29 Yarmouth police

One man — Michael Santos, 29 — had a syringe in hand and was using heroin, according to police. He had a baggie of the drug right beside him. Santos was arrested on suspicion of heroin possession.

Timothy W. Daffinee, 32 Yarmouth police

Detectives then arrived at the home and continued the search, checking various rooms. In a bedroom, they found Timothy Daffinee, 32, seated on the floor with Euclides Matias, 31, police said.

Zachary Tuers, 29 Yarmouth police

Moments after detectives had opened the door to the bedroom, Matias attacked — forcing the door back shut and hitting a detective, according to police. After that, Matias hopped onto the bed and tried to escape, police said.

A police dog and other officers helped the detective overpower Matias as he attacked, but during the scuffle a used syringe jabbed the detective, police said.

He was taken to Cape Cod Hospital to be treated for infectious exposure.

Matias was arrested on a warrant for fentanyl possession, and on suspicion of heroin trafficking, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and assaulting while armed with a dangerous weapon, police said.

As authorities searched Matias, two large bags full of heroin tumbled out of his underwear, landing on the floor, police said. The bags weighed 32 grams.

Dafifnee was arrested as well. He faces heroin possession charges, police said.

Police also seized a digital scale, about $1,600 and other drug evidence at the scene.

Zachary Tuers, 29, was also arrested in the incident. He was wanted on warrants for heroin possession, carrying a dangerous weapon, driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of a crash, police said.

The five who were arrested were slated to be arraigned on Thursday, police said.

Another suspect — Paulina Gontarz, 26 — was summoned to court on heroin possession charges, according to police.

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