He saw a python slithering out of a toilet bowl. His roommate grabbed a fishing rod

James Hooper says he spotted a python slithering out of his toilet bowl in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
James Hooper says he spotted a python slithering out of his toilet bowl in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Screenshot from Facebook

James Hooper says he now has a warning for people in his home after encountering a scaly stranger on Thursday: “Look before you sit,” he told the Virginian-Pilot.

Hooper had thought someone was playing a prank on him when he saw the snake slithering out of his toilet in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Then it began moving around, he told WVEC.

To remove the snake, Hooper’s roommate, Kenny Spruill, told the Virginian-Pilot that he made noose and put it around the snake’s head. He then used a fishing rod to reel it in.

“When I got it out, I thought, ‘This thing is huge,’ ” Spruill told the newspaper.

The reptile was identified by animal control officers as a 2.5-foot ball python, WVEC reported.

Pictures posted on Facebook by Hooper show the snake poking its head out of the toilet bowl. Another shows a man holding a fishing pole, with the snake hanging on the line. The python wasn’t harmed when it was captured, Hooper wrote.

The snake had escaped from a residence two weeks ago, and was missing until it surprised Hooper at his home, WVEC reported. It has been returned to the owner.

The python was small compared to the 6-foot Texas indigo snake that slithered out of a Texas man’s toilet last month, according to the Bee County Sheriff’s Office. Wade Vielock was so scared that he knocked over his 6-year-old son while trying to get away from the reptile, KSAT reported. A deputy removed the snake and returned it into the South Texas brush.

A snake slithered out of a West Texas family’s toilet last year — and more than 20 followed it from inside the cellar and underneath the home.

An 8-foot cobra was found inside a toilet in an apartment in Pretoria, South Africa. The apartment resident called a snake wrangler and captured the event on video. The wrangler seemed to catch the cobra but the snake managed to get away.

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