She faked having brain cancer — and tricked a family into taking care of her, NJ police say

Kiley White, 26, is charged with theft by deception and harassment.
Kiley White, 26, is charged with theft by deception and harassment. Egg Harbor Township Police Department

A woman told a New Jersey family she had only a short time left before she’d succumb to brain cancer, authorities allege.

But she’s alive and facing charges, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Kiley White, 26, duped the Evans family into giving her a place to stay and caring for her after she convinced them she was dying, police said, the news station reported. They allowed White to live with them for about five weeks, authorities said, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Police say White spent almost every night with the Evans, according to ABC 6. She was allegedly lying to them the entire time.

“Every day was just like she has one more day to live,” Linda Evans told NBC Philadelphia. “She needs help. She needs serious help.”

The woman was heading back to the home when police took her into custody July 12, police said Tuesday, the Press of Atlantic City reported. She faces charges of theft by deception and harassment, the newspaper reported.

White allegedly committed similar hoaxes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, ABC 6 reported, scamming people into giving her stuff out of sympathy and compassion. She even posed as her own hospice nurse, authorities allege, the Press of Atlantic City said.

White isn’t the first person to allegedly fake a terminal illness. A New York woman was recently sentenced to two years in federal prison for claiming she was dying of cancer — a scheme that netted her $51,000 in donations.

An Alabama woman raised more than $200,000 off a fictional cancer diagnosis for several years, authorities said. She’s also serving federal prison time.

Melissa Barton, who faked having cancer in order to receive donations, is sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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