The minivan went airborne — and got lodged in the side of a home, Wisconsin authorities say

Authorities say a minivan went airborne and got stuck in the side of a Newburg, Wisconsin home.
Authorities say a minivan went airborne and got stuck in the side of a Newburg, Wisconsin home. Newburg Fire Department

Ken Bienlein, 78, was frazzled and covered in oil when they finally got his bedroom door open, his wife, Annette, told the Journal Sentinel. “There’s a car in the bed,” he told her.

A crash had caused a commotion last week, and Annette Bienlein, 73, discovered the cause: a minivan had somehow gotten stuck in the side of the couple’s Newburg, Wisconsin, home, about 15 feet off the ground, the Ozaukee Press reported.

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The fire department says a towing company helped remove the car from the home. Newburg Fire Department

Responding deputies found a man who appeared disoriented in the driver’s seat, the newspaper reported. He either fell or jumped out of the car, according to the Journal Sentinel.

No one was hurt after the crash, the publication reported. But it left the tricky task of removing a Mazda minivan from the home. The driver apparently launched the vehicle off a berm, causing it to go airborne and embed itself in the house, the Ozaukee Press reported.

A towing company helped removed the car from the home, the Newburg Fire Department said on Facebook. "We've pulled lots of cars, even semis, out of buildings, but never any that are completely off the ground,” a worker told the Journal Sentinel.

The fire department said the incident was “not your typical accident.” It posted pictures that show the car lodged tightly inside the structure, its wheels facing the home.

The driver, Alva Richards, 35, was charged with marijuana possession and recklessly endangering safety, according to the Ozaukee Press.

A car careened into a Federal Way home Friday morning leaving several people injured and a gaping hole in the side of the house, according to tweets by South King Fire and Rescue.

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