'We can't make stuff like this up.' Topless woman takes stolen excavator on joyride, cops say

A half-naked Great Falls, Montana woman stole an excavator and crashed it into her apartment to get a shirt, police say
A half-naked Great Falls, Montana woman stole an excavator and crashed it into her apartment to get a shirt, police say Facebook/Screenshot

Molly Broxholm was sound asleep in her Great Falls, Mont., apartment Sunday - at least until she got a rude awakening from her upstairs neighbor, she wrote on Facebook.

But it wasn't banging on the ceiling or a noisy party that woke her up. It was the sound of heavy construction equipment crashing through the fence to her apartment complex and driving up to the building.

Police say it began at the Fox Hollow apartments at about 8 a.m. Sunday morning, according to KRTV. Earlier that morning, a topless woman, 34-year-old Heather Houston, had allegedly swiped a front-end loader construction vehicle and drove it around town, police told the station, and now was apparently calling it a night.

"We can't make stuff like this up," Great Falls Police Department Lt. Doug Otto told the Great Falls Tribune.

Broxholm wrote on Facebook that she "woke up to the sound of crunching thinking someone was doing yard work until we hear people yelling, looked out the window and saw this, on and smashing its way in."

Houston had allegedly ridden the loader across town to her apartment complex, smashed through a fence, and then driven the rig up near the window of her apartment, according to KRTV. When she got to the building, police say she rode the bucket of the vehicle up to her window and crawled inside to go put on a shirt, according to the station.

Pictures show the splintered wood of the fence and deep ruts in the ground.

"She actually ran into the side of my window, it shook the whole house. That’s when we went running outside thinking, ‘We better get out of here in case the building comes down," one resident, Andy Ashcraft, told KRTV.

There were no injuries reported. Some commenters on Facebook saw the humor in the situation, and others were just grateful nobody was hurt.

Houston was taken to jail and charged with criminal mischief and criminal endangerment, KFBB reported. She may face additional charges for the alleged theft of the excavator, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

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