A brawl broke out. 2 police officers kept their ‘cool’ while getting attacked, Louisiana authorities say

Five people were arrested in connection with a "brawl" in New Orleans.
Five people were arrested in connection with a "brawl" in New Orleans. New Orleans Police Department

Two police officers are being praised for keeping “their cool” as they tried to break up a violent “brawl” that injured them both in New Orleans, authorities said Wednesday.

Patriceia Casher, 26, started the “disturbance” on Bourbon Street on Saturday night, an arrest warrant said. And it got worse when Officers Lee Berry and Matthew McKoan tried to de-escalate the situation, according to NOLA.

Casher and Kyle Stallworth, 27, both punched Berry, knocking him to the ground, police said. Casher then kicked the officers in the groin while they were slapping cuffs on her, authorities allege, reported the Advocate.

Then a third person, Davis Wilson, 26, allegedly pushed McKoan while he was helping Berry arrest Casher, WWLTV reported. Police say Wilson head-butted and attacked McKoan as an officer who just got the scene commanded him to stop, the news station reported. Wilson finally did when the officer, who traveled through the crowd on horseback, shocked Wilson with a stun gun, police said, the Advocate reported.

Another man, Trumaine Holmes, 21, punched McKoan during his attempt to make arrests, police allege, the newspaper said.

A fifth person, Alejandro Ford, 23, had pulled out a gun and stood behind the officers during the fight, until a cop noticed him put the weapon back into his waistband and confiscated it, authorities said, reported the Advocate.

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison lauded the police officers’ actions Wednesday, saying “this is what Constitutional policing looks like in the 21st century," WWLTV reported. Harrison noted that none of the suspects were seriously hurt or killed, according to the Advocate.

"After being kicked, after being head-butted, thrown against the ground and becoming aware that a weapon was drawn in this confrontation, these officers still had the presence of mind to utilize their training to a positive end," Harrison said, per the news station.

All five suspects were arrested, NOLA reported. They were part of a larger group that had come to New Orleans from Mississippi and Florida, the Advocate reported. The officers were hurt but are in good condition, NOLA said.

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