Grandma was killed. Arkansas cops find bloody hammer and charge disinherited relative

Police say Ruby Ross, 80, was found dead in her Arkansas home on May 16.
Police say Ruby Ross, 80, was found dead in her Arkansas home on May 16. Screen shot from 5 News video

Ruby Ross’s daughter was worried when she couldn’t reach the 80-year-old woman over the phone, according to an affidavit.

Leann Ross had asked police to perform a welfare check on her mother on May 16, KNWA reported. But the deputy also had trouble contacting Ruby Ross, so Leanne went to the northwest Arkansas home, the news station said.

The deputy heard back from Leann Ross, but this time she was distraught: "Someone murdered my mother,” she’d said, according to an affidavit, per KNWA.

Ruby Ross was found dead in her house that night, the Democrat Gazette reported. Prosecutors say the woman died from blunt force trauma to the head. She’d been in her bed, wearing night clothes, lying not far from her eyeglasses and a book, an affidavit said, reported KNWA.

Detectives found a butcher knife, bloody gloves and a bloody hammer with white hair on it (the victim’s hair was white) on Ross’ property, authorities said. They suspect the hammer was used to bludgeon Ross, KFSM reported.

They also suspect Ross’ 26-year-old granddaughter is the killer, according to prosecutors, the Democrat Gazette reported. Andrea Wilson was charged Monday with capital murder, authorities said. Her arrest came after she was questioned by sheriff’s deputies, the newspaper reported.

Andrea Wilson, 26, is charged with murder in her grandmother's death. Benton County Jail

Authorities say they haven’t uncovered a motive behind the alleged killing, but investigators found that Ross had taken Wilson’s name off a deed to her home — and it happened a day before she was found dead, court documents said, KNWA reported. Wilson’s bank had filed a judgment against her for more than $11,000, according to KFSM.

Wilson’s ex-boyfriend, identified as Kyle, told KFSM that he couldn’t imagine that Wilson, who was raised by one of her grandmothers (not the victim), would kill her grandma.

"She was very close to her immediate family, she was raised by her grandma. I'm literally blown away over it," he said.

An grandmother in her mid-60s was killed in her Eatonville home early Monday during a drive-by shooting, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.