Woman was mauled to death. Her dog guarded her body and ‘growled,’ officials say

Hong Saengsamly hadn’t been seen since late Friday afternoon, officials said.

No one heard from her the following Saturday, authorities said. So the 49-year-old woman’s son went to her Milwaukee home to check on her, FOX 6 reported.

That’s when he found Saengsamly’s body in the kitchen, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s office, the Journal Sentinel reported.

A dog described as a pit bull type was guarding her body and “growled” at the woman’s son, officials said. The animal became hostile with the son as he tried to get the dog away from Saengsamly, so he shot it twice, FOX 6 reported.

The woman suffered puncture and blunt force injuries on her arms and shoulders, the Journal Sentinel reported. She had been mauled to death.

Saengsamly had three dogs in her home, ABC 12 reported. Two of the dogs were possible pit bulls, while the other was a smaller dog, possibly a chihuahua, officials said. That animal had blood on its body, the news station reported.

Two of the dogs were turned over to animal control, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Officials didn’t find any evidence of alcohol or illegal drug use, WTMJ said.

When a Virginia woman was mauled by her pit bulls last December, there was speculation that her own dogs couldn’t have killed her. A sheriff put that to rest at a press conference, where he revealed that the dogs were seen eating the woman’s ribcage, WLWT had reported.

When officials arrived at Saengsamly’s home, they noticed that bone was exposed on her left arm, with “animal activity noted to both of the upper extremities,” WTMJ reported.

There’s no word on what led up to Saengsamly’s death. But officials say the woman’s son indicated none of the dogs were violent and had never attacked anyone, FOX 6 reported.

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