It was a 5-hour United flight. His drunk seatmate urinated on him before take-off, lawsuit says

A United passenger has sued the airline for not doing enough to keep his intoxicated seatmant from urinating on him during a five-hour flight.
A United passenger has sued the airline for not doing enough to keep his intoxicated seatmant from urinating on him during a five-hour flight. AP

It’s a long flight from California to New Jersey — but it’s a lot longer when you’re drenched in a stranger’s urine.

That’s what Daniel Card of Pequannock, N.J., says happened to him earlier this year, when a visibly drunk seatmate pulled out his penis as their flight from Los Angeles to Newark was taking off and proceeded to urinate all over Card, a lawsuit filed against United Airlines and obtained by Courthouse News Service alleges.

Card couldn’t go anywhere because the flight was about to take off, according to the lawsuit. Despite Card’s best efforts to wake up the intoxicated man, the lawsuit says, he couldn’t be roused.

When Card alerted flight attendants to his predicament, they wouldn’t allow him to change seats until he asked repeatedly, the lawsuit says. But even when he changed seats, Card had to sit in his urine-soaked clothing.

His seatmate wreaked of alcohol, the lawsuit says — and so did the man’s urine.

The lawsuit says that United should have prevented a visibly intoxicated passenger from boarding the plane in the first place.

“There’s no way they didn’t know he was intoxicated,” Card told the New York Daily News. “They were told.”

Card told his father what was happening during the flight, and his father called the police. Law enforcement were waiting to investigate in New Jersey when the plane landed, according to the lawsuit, which alleges that authorities wouldn’t have been called had the father not taken action.

Theresa Card, Daniel’s mother, told the Daily News that the airline offered to reimburse her son for the cost of cleaning his clothing, and to give the family a voucher to cover a future flight.

“It wasn’t a lot,” she told the Daily News. “The whole thing was just horrible.”

United did not respond to request for comment on the lawsuit, but it released a statement to Fox News earlier this month.

“We have not yet been served with this suit and due to the pending litigation involved in this matter, we’re unable to provide further comment,” the statement said.

When the plane landed in New Jersey, the intoxicated passenger — who isn’t identified in the lawsuit — told authorities that he’d downed at least four rum and cokes before boarding the plane, the lawsuit says. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he didn’t remember much of the flight, he allegedly told the FBI.

“[H]e had no recollection of the events on the flight and only remembered being at a bar inside of Los Angeles International Airport, and then landing at Newark Airport,” the lawsuit reads. The lawsuit didn’t indicate if the man was arrested.

Card is suing for damages, but a dollar amount isn’t specified. The suit alleges negligence, emotional distress and breach of contract on the part of United.

The suit was filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Morris County on Oct. 11.