For Sale: Ranch home, attacked regularly by aliens. Bring your own sword.

John Edmonds, owner of the Stardust or Alien Ranch, listed his Buckeye, Arizona home for $5 million but warned of alien and paranormal activity
John Edmonds, owner of the Stardust or Alien Ranch, listed his Buckeye, Arizona home for $5 million but warned of alien and paranormal activity

Are you in the market for a ranch home? Would you enjoy being an easy drive from Phoenix? Do you want to slay malevolent aliens with a samurai sword?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Stardust Ranch, on sale now for $5 million in Buckeye, Ariz., may be just for you.

According to the listing from WestUSA Realty, the home includes 3,500 square feet of living space, RV hookups, gated entry, stables, air conditioning and the possibility of persistent visits from extraterrestrials.

The home, which has earned itself the nickname “Alien Ranch,” is known for its reputation as a hotspot of alien activity. Its owner, John Edmonds, told the Travel Channel he has killed 18 extraterrestrials with a samurai sword while living in the home. He calls the aliens “greys” -- meaning they fit the archetype of an alien with grey skin, a bald head, short stature and big, dark eyes.

Ever since they moved into the house 20 years ago, the owners “have experienced a series of strange events that continue to this day,” the listing says. According to Edmonds, that doesn’t just mean seeing some weird lights in the sky. It means engaging in armed combat.

On his Facebook page, Edmonds even posted a photo showing injuries he received while fighting a “malevolent ET.”

“When we moved in, the people we bought the house from hadn’t moved out. They had just disappeared, and all their stuff was still in the house,” Edmonds said on the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” in 2016. “So that was the very first thing.”

Edmonds then described a time when he walked in on three aliens levitating his wife off her bed. He grabbed a samurai sword and killed the aliens, he told the interviewer, something he says he’s been forced to do again and again. “If you don’t take the heads, they disappear,” he explained, when asked where the bodies were.

Another time, he told interviewers his wife’s body was levitated down the hall, out into the yard and then up into a ship. “There was a cone of light, it came down, and she started to rise into that cone of light. I grabbed an AK-47 with a double banana clip in it, and I went outside and I opened up.”

All that aside, the home does include a swimming pool. “This is truly a one of a kind property with unlimited potential,” says the home listing.

As for Edmonds, who runs a horse rescue on the ranch called Hopeful Hooves, he told USA Today he plans to sell the property and move to Maine to start another rescue -- this time without any alien interference.

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