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Radio icon Neil Rogers dies at 68

Before anyone ever heard the term "shock jock," Neil Rogers was ranting and kvetching his way to the top of talk radio in South Florida.

He started with serious topics at WKAT in 1976 and retired from WQAM in 2009 as the highest-paid radio entertainer in Miami-area history, reportedly making $1 million a year.

In between, he worked at WNWS, WINZ, WZTA and WIOD, becoming a broadcast icon who could hold listeners rapt whether he was talking about government corruption, his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, or disgusting bodily functions.

Rogers, born Nelson Roger Behelfer on Nov. 5, 1942, died on Friday at the Vitas Hospice at Florida Medical Center, Broward County, according to his longtime friend and lawyer, Norman E. Kent.

Rogers suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks since retiring in 2009. He died of congestive heart failure, Kent said.