From the Editor

From the editor: Thanks for the feedback — we’re listening


Thank you for calling and writing about the Miami Herald’s new look.

Since our launch on Wednesday, we’ve received more than 300 phone calls and emails from readers who shared their reactions to the reconfiguration of the digital and print editions.

Most of you applauded our digital changes, a mobile-friendly design with more videos, photos and easy-to-scan news. “This just hits the mark,” one reader said. “So much cleaner and just looks amazing.”

The reactions to the changes in the newspaper were more varied. More than one-third of you who contacted us said you liked the more modern design and new configuration.

One reader wrote: “I am particularly happy with the larger print and the photos. It will make the Herald easier to read with my morning coffee and breakfast. Thank you!”

Another wrote: “Everything looks to be very well thought out and makes the paper so compact with all sections in relevant areas.”

However, many of you told us you missed having local and business news in separate sections. “I have been reading the Miami Herald for 40 years and the new format really stinks,” one reader wrote.

Said another: “Every morning at breakfast, we have three people who share the paper. Didn’t anyone at the Herald realize this before removing two sections?”

We packaged all news in the A section to underscore our emphasis on local news. This is what we do best and a key reason why so many of our readers turn to us. Our reporters and editors produce coverage unmatched by any local source — from the halls of municipal governments to the state Capitol and across the Caribbean and Latin America. These are the stories we are uniquely poised to bring you.

Before making these changes, we consulted more than 1,000 of our most committed readers. We tested several section configurations. Readers told us they preferred to keep Sports and Tropical Life as separate sections.

We know no change satisfies everyone. We are listening to your feedback and will be tweaking some elements, starting with today’s issue.

▪ Many of you said you wanted national and world news before the obituaries. We have moved them farther back in the A section.

▪ You told us you had trouble finding the local news and business pages inside the A section. We have put more prominent teases to that content from the top of the front page — and also added it to our index at the bottom of the front page.

▪ We are adding a larger, color banner to identify the business page.

Thank you again for your input. It will help us improve the newspaper. Whether you liked the changes or had suggestions for improvements, what we heard across the board is that you care about the Miami Herald. We are proud of the work we do and grateful to you, our readers. To share more feedback, please visit

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