Jeff Bezos pays tribute to his Cuban father’s journey to Miami in Instagram video

In a touching post on Instagram, Jeff Bezos, founder and president of Amazon, shared a video tribute chronicling his father’s journey from Cuba to the United States as a 16-year-old.

“My dad’s journey to the U.S. shows how people come together to help each other,” Bezos wrote. “We got a chance to celebrate him last night for the opening of the Statue of Liberty’s new museum. This is his story.”

In one video, the father and son hold up a glass of bubbly in front of the landmark and give a toast “to liberty.”

In another video, his father, Miguel Angel Bezos, talks about traveling to the United States at 16 with nothing but a sweater made out of cleaning rags by his mother.

As Fidel Castro took over the island, Bezos Sr.’s parents had no choice but to send him to Miami.

Bezos graduated from Miami Palmetto High School in 1982, was a National Merit Scholar and was honored with a Silver Knight, the award bestowed by the Miami Herald on students who excel both scholastically and in serving their communities.

Bezos won in the science category, telling the Herald he wanted to “build space hotels, amusement parks, yachts and colonies for two or three million people orbiting around the earth.”

Watch the full tribute here: