Five reasons to celebrate the last day of school

Miami Herald

1. For kids: School’s out. Enough said.

2. For parents: No more nagging about homework or having to drag your child out of bed. You can box away all those craft supplies — a school project won’t rear its ugly head for a while.

3. For teachers: Take a break! It’s your time to relax and recover from nine months of testing, grading and teaching. Spend some time with your own kids, or take a vacation somewhere far, far away from children.

4. For drivers: A much easier commute for the next three months. No more school buses on the road, and no more school zones forcing you to slow down. Sleep in, and speed on through.

5. For librarians: It may be summer, but summer reading is still a thing. They may hold off until the first week of August, but at least you know at some point that classic literature will be getting some love.