Miami-Dade schools puts Design District land up for sale, gets no responses

Miami-Dade County schools hoped to ride a wave of retail investment when it put 40,600 square feet of real estate up for sale in the sought-after Design District neighborhood.

But the district hasn’t found any takers. A district-issued bid for 4001 NE Second Ave. — worth an estimated $55 million — closed this week without a single response from potential buyers.

“It is odd,” said Jaime Torrens, the district’s chief facilities officer. “The market’s still hot so we’ve got to figure out why somebody didn’t bid on it.”

The district couldn’t say much about the apparent lack of interest. The bid is still under a “cone of silence” — basically a government gag order meant to keep the selection process fair. Torrens said the district plans to “ask around” after the cone is lifted to figure out what kept people from expressing interest.

“At this point we just have to wait for the process to work its way through, and we’re still remaining hopeful and optimistic,” he said.

The school district hopes to sell the land to help fund a rebuild of Design Architecture Senior High, a premiere magnet school that’s currently on the site.

Christina Veiga: 305-376-2029, @cveiga