Miami-Dade schools appraisal: Design Architecture Senior High site worth $54 million

The Miami-Dade County school district knew they were sitting on valuable land in Miami’s posh Design District neighborhood.

Now, they know just how valuable that 4001 NE Second Ave. property is. Appraisals done for the school district suggest the land could fetch almost $54 million.

That’s how much the district hopes to make off the sale of 40,655 square feet fronting Northeast Second Avenue, among luxury brand stores of high fashion and design.

School board members will vote at their Dec. 2 meeting whether to open a bidding process for the land, which currently houses Design Architecture Senior High, one of the district’s premiere magnet high schools.

“I think we’re looking outside the box to see how we can maximize not only whatever appraisal we get but also making sure we do a review and looking at what’s in the market,” board member Lubby Navarro said. “We are maximizing to get the highest amount of money.”

The money from a sale would fund an expansion of DASH — and include much-needed parking — on a smaller footprint than the campus takes up now. Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has also said a new DASH could include space for an unnamed post-secondary partner.

Jaime Torrens, the district’s chief facilities officer, said the redesign promises to be a hands-on learning experience for the students of DASH, who study architecture, industrial design and fashion.

“We would insist on the firm selected to do this work to include the students,” Torrens told board members at a recent committee meeting.

A new DASH would cost about $35 million to build, Torrens said. The rest of the money from a sale would go toward other unnamed needs in the district.

Christina Veiga: 305-376-2029, @cveiga

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