Dade Medical College employees file suit seeking compensation

Ernesto Perez, majority owner of Dade Medical College
Ernesto Perez, majority owner of Dade Medical College Miami Herald file

In the latest fallout from the abrupt closing of Dade Medical College, employees have filed a federal lawsuit, saying they were illegally laid off and are entitled to compensation.

The suit, filed Tuesday, says federal law requires that employees be given 60 days notice before a mass layoff occurs. The closure of Dade Medical, with six campuses around the state, and its affiliate, the University of Southernmost Florida, was announced at the end of the day Friday and caught employees and students by surprise.

Since then, students have rallied outside the Coral Gables headquarters of the two schools, demanding their transcripts.

The suit says the two defunct schools had about 400 employees between them,

On the same day the suit was filed, Dade Medical majority owner Ernesto Perez appeared at the Miami-Dade criminal courthouse to be booked on charges of illegally bundling campaign contributions to various Florida politicians.