Cafeteria chaos at Miami Springs High ends with student’s arrest

A fight that began between two boys in the Miami Springs High cafeteria ended with one of the students going on a rampage. Witnesses say the student swung at everyone, including a cafeteria worker and a police officer.

“Everyone started running toward the front of the cafeteria because some kid pushed another kid against the wall,” student Sharon Addin said.

Students jumped on top of cafeteria tables during Tuesday’s commotion.

According to witnesses, when a cafeteria worker, vice principal and security guard tried to intervene, they became victims themselves.

“They were trying to break up the fight,” said student James Desgouttes.

When a police officer arrived, students say the young man turned on him.

“One of the policemen came in and the kid punched him, and the police ended up tackling him to the floor,” recalled Addin.

That student was arrested and, according to officials, the other student involved in the fight will be disciplined administratively.

The student who was arrested is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.