A Miami-Dade high school teacher’s wife told cops she fears for her life after beatings

Rodolfo Amaral in his current Miami-Dade Corrections mugshot
Rodolfo Amaral in his current Miami-Dade Corrections mugshot

A 6-foot-8, 280-pound English teacher at Felix Varela High School abused his wife with slaps, kicks, a choke hold and death threats.

Rodolfo Amaral, 31, got arrested Sunday on a charge of domestic battery strangulation after his estranged wife told Miami-Dade police he beat her from August 2017 through Nov. 6.

Amaral’s wife said the Nov. 6 beating included all of the above forms of battery. She claimed it finished with Amaral kicking her in the ribs, in the middle back and reminding her, the report said, “of his MMA training and experience and how he knew how to break all her bones in her body. [Amaral] asked the victim, “Why shouldn’t I kill you?’”

Online records say Amaral has been married since March 2011 to a woman with a very similar name to the victim. The report says his wife put their marriage length at a year and a half and that they’re now going through a divorce. She claimed the Nov. 6 beating came after an argument about Amaral talking to other women.

After the Nov. 6 beating, she said, the therapist they see together advised her “not to call police on the defendant and to spend the weekend apart.”

Though Amaral posted $5,000 bond Monday, the charge places not only his future freedom, but his job in jeopardy. By midday Tuesday, he’d been scrubbed from the Varela High website’s listing of faculty.

“A Felix Varela Senior High School teacher was arrested over the weekend for a non-school related incident that occurred off campus,” said an e-mailed statement from Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesperson Daisy Gonzalez-Diego. “The alleged actions are inconsistent with behavior expected of all our employees, whether on and off-campus. As such, the District will move immediately to terminate his employment.”

Amaral has been an MDCPS employee for four years.