Different vendor, similar problems: State tests again hobbled by computer glitches

In what has become a familiar snafu, students across the state on Wednesday morning couldn’t log on to computerized tests that middle- and high-schoolers take in civics, U.S. history and biology.

It’s unclear what caused the problems, which were resolved by early afternoon, said Gisela Feild, administrative director of testing and research for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Feild said the state has not told districts what caused the problems.

The rollout of Florida’s new standardized assessments have been plagued by computer glitches which have been blamed on testing provider American Institutes for Research. The tests that were impacted on Wednesday are administered by a different company, Pearson.

In 2014, Pearson-administered tests crashed become of network errors. In 2010, the company was hit with a $14 million-plus fine for failing to deliver test results on time.