School Scene: Coral Reef High School students appointed to service academies

SERVICE APPOINTMENTS: Coral Reef High School seniors Joshua Ahamed and Kristin Putz received appointments to the United States Air Force Academy and the United States Military Academy.
SERVICE APPOINTMENTS: Coral Reef High School seniors Joshua Ahamed and Kristin Putz received appointments to the United States Air Force Academy and the United States Military Academy.

Joshua Ahamed and Kristin Putz, graduating seniors of Coral Reef High School, received service academy appointments.

Joshua was appointed to the United States Air Force Academy and will major in computer science. Kristin was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point and will major in psychology.


Ana Martinez-Oletta, a junior at Palmer Trinity School, won first place in the Fairchild Challenge, an environmental science competition that aims to encourage students to explore nature.

Ana investigated local plants and their pollinators by looking for pollinator syndromes. She created a drawing to show the reaction between mango trees and the bluebottle fly and earned a perfect score, first place, and was selected to participate in a global competition. Ana will compete with nine other national- and international institutions.


The administrative staff of Riviera Day School recently announced the Silver Scholar and Principal’s Gold Scholar recipients for the third quarter.

Silver Scholar recipients were: second-grade students Remi Lastra, Lauren Brandon, Carlos Lugo, Abdulrahman Sidani, Gabriel Pizarro-Montoya, Colton Seidel, Alexander Raecki, Alexandra Valvis, Diego Maussan, Lola Afronso Martinez, Cole Spurling, Julian Romano, Francesca Zack, Iswabella Dorer, Thomas dos Santos Lara, Oliver Ruiz, Isabella Kadavy, Annika Jardim, Skieler Ramnanan, Samantha Gomez, and Gregory Viejo; third-grade students Daniela Romano, Paolo Mantasas, Daniel Rodriguez-Meneses, Scarlett Sable, Johan Houdebine, Sophia Armenta, Alessandra Famadas, Nicholas Araoz, Isabella Campopiano, Ryan Jonasz, Ayiana Tigertail, Noa Abboud, and Ralph Raymat; fourth-grade students Drew Kaplan, Pedro De Castilho, David Gutierrez, John Anthony Zamora, Yassin Amer, Santiago Lozano Barrera, Camilla Mercante, Zach Hawkes, Dianella Novoa Coccia, Sasrah Pachon, and Ignacio Mateu; and fifth-grade students Isabella Briatore, Daniel De Lamar, Juan Leandro, Geovanny Ortiz, Isabel Borges, William Stromme, Carolina Viamonte, and Annabella Fernandez.

Principal’s Gold Scholar recipients were: second-grade student Sophia Carballo; third-grade students Paulo Nares, Carlos Montes de Oca, Bianca Paredes-Baralt, Daniel Organvidez, Shibaani Mishrra, Camila Gadala-Maria, Mariana Nares, Alexander Serrano, Amanda Kaplan, Sarah Acra, Audrey Pena, Sebastian Pestle, Leah Dimond, Brandon Sanchez, Mallory Williams, Keller Evans, and Nicolas Rodriguez-Meneses; fourth-grade students Emily Revuelta, Sylvana Acevedo, Carlota Martinez, Diego Navarro-Viera, Nicole Ratmiroff-Deseda, Daniela Guzman, and Sae Isobe; and fifth-grade students Brian Revuelta, Adelle Almansi, Alexandra Cabrera, Maya Riquezes, Carmen Hall, and Robert Salstein.


Pinecrest Gardens has extended the deadline for the Pollution Solutions Video contest to April 7.

The contest is open to Miami-Dade County students in grades 4-12. Students are to create one- to three minute videos about thermal pollution, visual pollution, land pollution, air pollution, light pollution, water or noise pollution. The winner will receive $300 for themselves and $1,000 for their school. Finalists will present their video at the Earth Day Festival on April 19.

For information, email Lisa Toy at


The Center for International Education will host an orientation meeting for new parents at 6:30 pm. May 20 in the school’s auditorium, 900 NE 23rd Ave., in Homestead.

For information, call 305-248-7911.