Doral Academy math students win 50 awards at state math competition

The math students of Doral Academy Charter earned 50 awards at the Mu Alpha Theta State Math Convention in Orlando. The team placed third overall, the highest by any Miami-Dade County school.
The math students of Doral Academy Charter earned 50 awards at the Mu Alpha Theta State Math Convention in Orlando. The team placed third overall, the highest by any Miami-Dade County school. Photo provided to the Miami Herald

The math team at Doral Academy Charter competed at the Mu Alpha Theta State Math Convention in Orlando last month and placed third overall, the highest place earned by a Miami-Dade County school.

The team included 40 students, and they returned home with 50 academic awards in various math competitions. The school also received two laptops and a drone.

The first place awardees were Anirudh Rahul for analytic geometry; Douglas Shu for alpha applications; and Daniela Hernandez, Maria Pelayo and Monica Novoa for scrapbook.

Ethan Partidas, Anirudh, Dangely Canabal, Marc Marquez, and Tae Lee earned a Squirty Chicken Award, which recognizes the top 12 students in each division based on overall performance during the competition season.

The team’s top winners received 38 individual awards and 11 team awards collectively. These winners included Ethan, with seven awards; Felipe Contipelli, Anirudh, and Raul Valle, with five awards each; Dangely, Karanveer Sandhu, and Logan Fontirroche with four awards each; Tomas Alvarez and Tae with three awards each; and Douglas, Allan DoLago, Bhavya Soni, Carlos Estrada, Carolina Mora, and Amanda Fernandez with two awards each.

Individual award winners included Maria Vazquez, Jason Bravo, Irena Lian, Marc, Camille Wang, Jesus Nunez, Vivek Brahmatewari, Bradley Ramunas, Felipe DeLaCamara, Vanessa Rodriguez, and Jose Romero.

The team’s sponsor, Sam Koski, earned the Sue Doker Sponsor of the Year Award for his work in the math community at the state, regional and local levels.

Winston Park K-8 Center

Juliana Ngo and Matthew Rojas, seventh-grade students at Winston Park K-8 Center, will be honored on May 9 at Florida Atlantic University by the Duke University Talent Identification Program for their ACT and SAT scores.

The program identifies students nationwide who have scored above the 95 percentile on a grade-level test. The selected students then take a college entrance exam to learn more about their academic abilities, and the top-scorers are honored at a ceremony.

Juliana and Matthew are both members of the National Junior Honor Society and participate in community service initiatives at their school. Juliana is also the vice president of the school’s student body, and Matthew is a member of the robotics competition team and soccer team.

Scheck Hillel Community School

Matt Levine of Scheck Hillel Community School earned an excellent rating for his snare drum solo performance in the Florida Bandmasters Association’s State Solo and Ensemble Adjudication. He also earned the John Philip Sousa Award from his school, the top national award for band students.

Since the age of 7, Matt has been playing the drums. He later expanded his music education to include different genres and instruments. Outside of music, he is active in his community with organizations like The Friendship Circle and became a leader of the organization’s North Miami chapter as a sophomore.

Matt plans to study legal studies and business at the University of Miami after spending a year in Israel.

The Villagers Scholarship Competition

Local students from the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Design and Architecture Senior High were among 10 students to win scholarships from The Villagers, an organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites in Miami-Dade County.

Recipients from the University of Miami received $4,500 scholarships, and they are David Holmes and Shannar O’Connor. Daniella Cancel received a $4,000 scholarship.

Recipients from Florida International University were Carolina Richardson with $4,000 and Kaitlyn Fuson with $4,500.

Winners from DASH included Chloe Castillo and Sheridan Posschelle with $1,200 and Theo Neil Blones with $1,600.

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