Miami kindergarten teacher charged with attacking student during class

Frederick Mena
Frederick Mena Miami-Dade Corrections

A Miami elementary school teacher was arrested late Friday for allegedly attacking a student during class by deeply digging his nails into her hand and leg.

Frederick Mena, 25, of Silver Bluff Elementary, was charged with aggravated child abuse inflicting great bodily harm. He is expected to face a bond court judge on Saturday.

The arrest was made by Miami-Dade schools police. Soon after the March 5 incident, Mena penned a bizarre letter admitting to the attack as he was quizzing the girl with flashcards.

“For some reason, I had an urge for wanting to see her cry,” Mena wrote, adding the girl was too “sensitive” and he thought it might “toughen” her up. He also described the attack as a way to “plainly satisfy an ugly pleasure of mine.”

“Knowing myself and who I truly am deep down I’m just shocked thinking that I actually did this!” he wrote.

Mena had not been a teacher long. On an Instagram post last year, Mena – shown accepting a grant from the Education Fund support group – is described as a first-year teacher.