Former Oakland Raider All-Pro arrested again in South Florida

Barret Robbins in 2011, in a Miami-Dade court after violating probation from the Miami Beach incident over a decade ago in which he attacked police.
Barret Robbins in 2011, in a Miami-Dade court after violating probation from the Miami Beach incident over a decade ago in which he attacked police. MIAMI HERALD

Troubled former Oakland Raider offensive lineman Barret Robbins was involved in yet another bizarre and violent incident in South Florida, this one ending with his arrest for battering two women visiting from New York.

Police contend that Robbins, a massive former All-Pro who stands six feet, three inches tall and weighs well over 300 pounds, walked up to the women outside the lobby of the Best Western Hotel on North Federal Highway in Boca Raton and punched them repeatedly.

Police were called to the scene late Monday night, according to Robbins’ arrest report, by the family of a man at the hotel who Robbins had hit before confronting the women. Police handcuffed Robbins before he was charged early Tuesday.

“Due to his size and violent behavior, I placed Robbins into handcuffs while I conducted my investigation,” wrote arresting Officer Travis Rafalko.

The women, Rina Ronca and Gianna Ronca, told the officer that Robbins, 42, approached them quickly and struck them several times before they began screaming for help. Then, they said, he sat down on a bench until police arrived.

Robbins refused to speak to police and was charged with two counts of battery. A manager at the hotel witnessed the incident. The two women were treated at the scene but didn’t require hospitalization.

Robbins, who lives in nearby Delray Beach, suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. His issues came to light on a January night in 2005 at a Miami Beach office building on Washington Avenue.

It was there that three officers found him hiding in a women’s bathroom late one evening and confronted him. Within seconds, according to police, an enraged Robbins was tossing the three officers around like “rag dolls.”

One of the officers fired his weapon twice, a bullet piercing Robbins’ heart, another one entering his lung — yet he continued to struggle, according to the officers. The three officers were injured. The one who fired his weapon suffered a concussion. Robbins was arrested and charged with trespassing and battery on a police officer.

The Miami Beach incident happened only two weeks after a Christmas Eve drunk and disorderly charge that stemmed from an argument with a guard at an upscale San Francisco restaurant.

The 2005 incident was one in a series suffered by the former second-round Raider pick. He was drafted in 1995 and a year later was hospitalized after teammates found him disoriented at a team hotel. That led to his diagnosis.

In 2002, Robbins disappeared for two nights before the Raiders were to play in the Super Bowl. He was benched. Later, he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in California. He was later cut by the team after testing positive for the steroid THG.