Late for his probation session, Boynton Beach man starts choking his father’s dog

Kyle Oloughlin
Kyle Oloughlin

Boynton Beach’s Kyle Oloughlin expanded his court-documented domestic violence repertoire to include animals by choking his father’s female bulldog Thursday. Oloughlin, 33, and his father, Lawrence Oloughlin, had been arguing after Kyle napped past departure time for his probation meeting.

Kyle is on probation after a domestic battery conviction. Now, he’s in jail on felony animal cruelty and domestic simple battery charges. The Palm Beach Post reported that Oloughlin refused to go to his Friday court date.

According to the Boynton Beach police domestic violence probable cause affidavit, the incident began when the son work up and his father refused to take him to the probation meeting. Kyle’s increasing volume and belligerance, according to Lawrence, inspired Lilly, the bulldog, to bark, with the dog getting increasingly agitated.

The father told police his son kept yelling at Lilly to “Shut up!”

At that point, the father said, Kyle picked up the 100-pound dog with both hands around the throat, declaring “I’ll teach that dog a lesson!” He began swinging her back and forth while she began choking — tongue out, rapid blinking. Lawrence picked up a metal softball bat and struck his son in the left shoulder blade twice. That caused Kyle to drop Lilly.

Kyle began arguing with his father over hitting him with the softball bat, according to the affidavit. Lilly showed where her loyalties lay by biting Kyle on the right leg.

Police arrived soon after. The affidavit noted Lilly was not “injured but definitely frightened as a result of the incident.”

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