Former ‘Sábado Gigante’ comic gets 153 years in prison for child porn

Judge Milton Hirsch sentenced Adonis Losada to 153 years in prison for child porn on Wednesday.
Judge Milton Hirsch sentenced Adonis Losada to 153 years in prison for child porn on Wednesday.

For hoarding explicit and sickening images of babies and toddlers, ex-Sábado Gigante funnyman Adonis Losada is headed to prison for the rest of his life.

A Miami-Dade judge on Wednesday meted out a sentence of 153 years, several months after a jury convicted Losada on 51 counts of possessing child-porn images.

The 52-year-old actor was a staple on the long-running Univision variety show that ended last fall. His signature role was Doña Concha, a gray-haired grandma whose whacky antics made audiences laugh for eight years.

“There is plenty of evidence I did not commit the crime,” Losada insisted Wednesday.

The comic was first arrested in 2009. The same investigation also led to charges in Palm Beach County, where Losada is serving a 10-year sentence for child-porn possession.

In April, jurors convicted Losada, seven years after he first met an undercover detective in an online chat room called “Baby Toddler Love.” Losada later met with another undercover cop at a Starbucks in Hallandale Beach, where he viewed a book of illegal images, all while hidden police video cameras rolled.

Detectives later found hundreds of sexual photos of babies and toddlers — images that had jurors in near tears when shown at the trial.

During the trial, Losada took the stand in a weepy and histrionic performance, suggesting that others who lived in his Miami Beach apartment might have downloaded the porn. But he admitted to entering the chat room catering to child-porn pervs.

He swore that he only played along with the undercover cop as a way to “conquest” the man in bed.

“If he had told me he likes roaches and rats, I would have said that I like that, too,” Losada testified. “I've encountered people on chats that say they like making love to dead bodies.”

Losada, however, could not explain away the child-porn image that he sent to the undercover cop in a chat session.

The performance doomed Losada. After the trial, jurors told his defense attorney, David Sissleman, that they were close to acquitting him — until he took the witness stand.

Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch reminded Losada of that after the defendant complained about his lawyer during Wednesday’s hearing. “Superb,” the judge said of Losada’s defense efforts at trial.