Abused pups ready for adoption

Lazaro Ruiz
Lazaro Ruiz

Two months after a South Miami-Dade man was arrested for performing illegal C-sections on dogs, a Miami-Dade County Circuit court has granted permanent custody of four animals to the county, and they’re ready for adoption.

After extensive rehabilitation, Xena, Tara, Jenny and Peanut, American bulldog/terrier mixes, are doing well and ready to move to new homes.

“This is a great ending to a tragic story, and a new beginning for these beautiful animals,” said Alex Munoz, who directs the county’s Animal Services Department.

In November, after viewing disturbing YouTube videos of young Doberman pups fighting over raw meat in a bath tub, large dogs like Mastiffs barking from a cage and a man commenting “Nice little pretty bitch” to a pitbull with cropped ears, police descended on the Homestead home of Lazaro Ruiz.

His arrest on animal cruelty charges and battery on a police officer came about a year after police began chasing reports of a man injecting substances into pregnant dogs and receiving a photo of him performing a C-section. Ruiz, 27, is not a veterinarian.

Though cops had the videos, they only gained an inside track on Ruiz after a witness came forward and told of Ruiz allegedly selling the puppies outside a Homestead Walmart and injecting a substance into pregnant dogs that were having trouble giving birth.

Police eventually met with Ruiz’s girlfriend, who arranged a fake purchase of dogs, and he was arrested after a struggle. Ruiz bonded out of jail and county records show a trial date is set for February.

Anyone wishing to adopt any of the dogs can visit the county’s Animal Services Shelter at 7401 NW 74th St., between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., weekdays.