Jail goofed when releasing driver accused of maiming popular principal

Marilyn Aguilera
Marilyn Aguilera Miami-Dade Corrections

Miami-Dade jailers goofed when allowing a driver charged with maiming a popular high-school principal to be released from jail without an electronic ankle monitor.

Marilyn Aguilera, 51, was released from jail earlier this week after posting $15,000 bond. But a judge, in signing an arrest warrant, had ordered she must stay confined to her home with the monitor.

After prosecutors protested, jailers announced Thursday in court that they had gone to Aguilera’s home and outfitted her with the device to monitor her every move.

Aguilera “is a clear danger to the community, and given the strength of the evidence against her, a flight risk,” Assistant State Attorney Laura Adams wrote in a motion to the court.

Her lawyer, Richard Gregg, said the jail never told him about the house arrest.

Aguilera is accused of driving drunk when her SUV careened into a baseball field at Tamiami Park, hitting South Dade High Principal Javier Perez. The popular administrator was so severely injured that doctors had to amputate his legs. Miami-Dade police said she was drunk by nearly three times the legal limit.

Perez’s near-death encounter — while he was coaching his son’s little-league championship game — stunned witnesses, as well as students and parents in South Miami-Dade. Days after the crash, students donning bow ties held a candle-light vigil to support him. A page has raised more than $132,000 for Perez’s medical expenses. A 5K walk will be held on June 5 in Hialeah to help raise money for the hospital bills.

International superstar Pitbull even wished Perez well in a video.