Four teens charged with raping a woman in Bal Harbour hotel

Adrian Rene Machin
Adrian Rene Machin

A group of Miami-Dade high school students were arrested this week for raping a woman with objects and videotaping the incident at a Bal Harbour hotel while the woman was incapacitated, police said.

According to police, a G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School student inserted an umbrella handle and a marijuana cigarette into the woman, while two other students from the same school and another teen recorded the incident on their cell phones and watched.

At one point, police said, one of the teens “put his face between the victim’s legs and blew on the marijuana cigarette.”

All four were charged with sexually battery and sexual battery with an incapacitated person. The incident, according to police, took place at 2 a.m. Sunday, May 1, at a boutique hotel called the Bal Harbour Quarzo at 290 Bal Bay Dr.

Julio Cesar Fernandez, 19, Adrian Rene Machin, 19, Luis Angel Rosello, 19 and Adan Enrique Valdes, 17, were charged with sexual battery with an incapacitated person. The three 19-year-olds were booked into Turner Guilford Knight correctional facility.

Police said it was Valdes who inserted the umbrella handle, while Machin and Fernandez recorded the incident and Rosello watched. Then, police said, Machin inserted the joint and lit it, before Rosello placed his head between the woman’s legs and smoked it.

Police said Machin, Rossello and Fernandez admitted to taking part in the incident and that Machin identified the woman. Valdes, the only juvenile, contacted his father and invoked his right to an attorney.

Miami-Dade Public Schools Spokeswoman Daisy Gonzalez-Diego confirmed that Machin, Rosello and Valdes are Braddock students. The victim, who has not been identified, is not a student or employed by Miami-Dade Public Schools.

Said Gonzalez-Diego: “The students involved in this case will be disciplined according to school board policy.’’