2 heads bashed in bloody hammer attack

Arenthius Jenkins
Arenthius Jenkins

The frantic calls came into 911: There’s a man wielding a bloody hammer on Jefferson Street. Hurry, they told police.

The callers had reason to worry.

Two people’s head were bashed with the hammer, police soon discovered, according to news-journalonline. One of the men’s face appeared to be “caved in.” The other was hammered in the back of the head and unconscious.

Daytona Beach police arrested 32-year-old Arenthius Jenkins in Friday’s attacks.

Billy Ford remains on life support.

"He's a good guy. He didn't deserve anything like that," friend Johnny Jennings told the news site.

The calls to 911 were frantic:

“We have a guy running around. He's trying to hit people with two hammers. Somebody need to get here quick. The hammer's already bloody. Looks like they say somebody already got hit down on Jefferson but he just chased some young kids out from in front of the barber shop with some hammers, as well. He's just walking around attacking people,” news-journalonline reported.

The two victims, Ford and Terry Gross were handymen, reported.

Jenkins was charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault. A woman told the station that her son suffers from mental illness.

"He's not a person like that, he would never hurt nobody, mother Cheryl Barron told “The voices in his head made him do that."