Miami men stole bank cards, cash — then took off at 90 mph, cops say

James Augustin
James Augustin

Two Miami-Dade men accused of credit card fraud took cops on a high-speed chase across Florida before being arrested this week.

The pair were wanted in a series of credit card thefts with withdrawals of nearly $8,000, according to the Bradenton Herald.

When Sarasota County deputies on surveillance moved in Monday afternoon, Michael Boothe, 32, and James Augustin, 35, took off, according to the report. They traveled at speeds of up to 90 mph and Sarasota deputies called in a sheriff’s helicopter to track the two. They ended up in DeSoto County in Central Florida and were eventually taken into custody.

According to the Bradenton Herald, the two men are accused of requesting new Bank of America debit cars and PINs for existing customers, intercepting new cards in the mail and heading to an ATM to withdraw cash. Deputies were monitoring a home when they caught up with the two and tried to stop them on the road.

Boothe and Augustin were charged with three counts of criminal use of personal identification, the Sarastoa Sheriff's Office said. Augustin was also charged with fleeing to elude. They are being held in the DeSoto County Jail.