Police: Miami man recorded himself installing secret camera in gym shower

Employees at Miami’s Ocean Bank are lucky enough to have a gym in their office. Unfortunately, police say, they also had a colleague with a nasty porn habit.

Police say John Schauer, 33, installed a hidden video camera in the ceiling tile of the gym’s shower. Detectives didn’t have to look far to find the culprit — he accidentally recorded himself putting in the camera.

Miami police on Friday arrested Schauer on a video voyeurism charge. He filmed a female employee disrobing and using the shower and bathroom, cops say.

An employee earlier this month noticed the camera and notified security at the bank, 780 NW 42nd Ave.

Police say that Schauer, who works preparing loans for the bank, admitted that he installed the camera. “He advised that he is addicted to porn and his fetish is to do voyeurism,” according to an arrest report.

Schauer could not be reached for comment.