Man points spear gun at boaters in Keys, cops say

Randy Sharp, 53, accused of threatening to shoot people with a spear gun.
Randy Sharp, 53, accused of threatening to shoot people with a spear gun.

Randy Sharp was agitated. So the Florida Keys man paddled his camouflaged kayak next to another vessel at Boot Key Harbor in Marathon.

Then, first with his spear gun saddled across his lap, then with it pointed at someone, he began to swear and threatened to shoot three people, Keys deputies said.

The trio ran below deck. The U.S. Coast Guard and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies showed up.

Sharp at first obeyed orders to kneel and place his hands on his head. But, police said, when he realized he was getting arrested, he began to struggle.

“He suddenly and deliberately pulled his left wrist from grasp while asking, ‘You’re arresting me?’ and attempted to stand.’” wrote arresting officer Joshua Baer

In the end, it was just another weird episode in the Florida Keys. No one was injured and Sharp, 53, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with no intention to kill, disturbing the peace and resisting an officer without violence.

Police said it was a little after 9 p.m. Sunday when they first learned from a woman in the harbor that “a man named Randy was in a blue-gray camouflage kayak holding a spear gun and threatened to shoot her and others with it.”

Boot Key Harbor is a small inlet inside Marathon that is only accessible by boat. When sheriff’s deputies and the Coast Guard showed up they also found Sharp had a pen knife in his pocket and a bag of weed.

“It’s just a little weed, though,” deputies said Sharp told them. Also in his pocket was a silver-colored pipe. Sharp was also charged with possession of an illegal substance and illegal paraphernalia.